Chemo: Round Three

On January 27th, 2015, Mason started his third round of chemo. He had a bone marrow aspiration, a spinal tap aspiration and infusion of chemo, was admitted, and then started his chemo via IV through his central line and was given oral chemo. This round was the same as the first round as far as chemo drugs that he received. Therefore, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

We were so happy to be back at Riley Hospital Downtown. As soon as we were admitted, we were greeted by many nurses and staff who knew Mason and were excited to see him again. He was given many toys and got daily rides in his favorite car.



Because Mason had been handling his chemo treatments so well, his oncologist let us try this round outpatient once all of his chemo doses were received. If Mason were to have a fever, severe vomiting, or any other serious side affects, he’d have to be readmitted and finish the round inpatient.

After 5 days in the hospital, chemo was finished, and we were able to go home! The next day, we got a sweet surprise from our favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts!



Twice a week, a home health care nurse came out to care for Mason. One of the things she did was draw blood and sent it to the hospital so his oncologist could monitor his counts. With the past two rounds, Mason needed several platelet and blood transfusions. With this third round, Mason only needed one platelet transfusion! This landed us in the hospital for several hours, but we were able to return home afterwards!

Mason’s little body handled this round of chemo so well. We had been told multiple times by doctors and nurses that with each round of chemo, Mason’s bone marrow would become weaker and would take longer to recover. But, our strong boy actually recovered quicker during this round than he did during the previous rounds!



This cape was sent to Mason from the Happy Soul Project, a blog I’ve been following since Mason was born.


Mason also had the least amount of side affects during this round. Tim and I thought for sure that Mason would spike a fever. He spiked a fever, like clockwork, exactly a week after chemo with his previous rounds. Therefore, although we were home, we were still living out of suitcases, prepared to go back to the hospital and finish the round inpatient when Mason spiked a fever. But, Mason never got a fever! He even got two teeth and when babies teethe, they typically spike a fever. It was truly a miracle.

Additionally, his hair started growing back, he started crawling towards toys, and he started pulling to stand.



I couldn’t be prouder of this little fighter. Not only is he kicking cancer’s butt, he is reaching new milestones. I thank God every day for protecting Mason and continuing to heal him. Throughout Mason’s life, I’ve constantly been reminded of John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”. No matter how big or scary open heart surgery, cancer, or any other obstacle we face in the future is, God is BIGGER and GREATER!

2 thoughts on “Chemo: Round Three

  1. just wanted to say hello. I just saw Camdens mom Meghan had posted a link to your blog. My son Riley who is 18 months old and also has Down Syndrome was diagnosed on 2-13-15 with AMKL. We finished round 1 of chemo and are currently waiting for his counts to recover to start round 2. I connected with Meghan though Facebook and she has been a great resource and friend to talk to. I love finding more moms in the same situation. It’s nice to connect.

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    • Hi Tara! So sorry to hear about your son!. Our kiddos are so tough and resilient. Riley is going to kick AMKL’s butt just like Mason and Camden are doing! I’m so glad you have connected with Meghan. It definitely makes this journey easier when you can connect with other mom’s going through the same thing. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a friend request on Facebook, I’d love to see updates on Riley. -Nicole


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