Bone marrow test and results

Mason had his bone marrow test on Friday. We arrived at Riley North around 7:30am for what was supposed to be a fairly quick procedure. First they put numbing cream on Mason’s arms to numb the area where they would put the IV. Mason was a pretty happy boy playing with toys in his hospital bed.

M bone marrow happy

About a half hour later, it was time to put an IV in. The first nurse tried to put it in his right arm and blew the vein. A second nurse tried on his left arm and blew that vein as well. They then called a nurse down from the hematology department to put the IV in his hand and she blew that vein. At this point Mason was screaming (his hands hadn’t been numbed) so a different nurse tried to calm him down with a toy and dropped it on his face! I finally picked Mason up and asked through tears if we could call a guy from the lab, who always gets Mason’s veins on the first try when he draws his blood, to do the IV. But, I guess drawing blood and putting in an IV are different and this guy doesn’t do IV’s. So, they called an anesthesiologist down and he was able to put the IV in Mason’s other hand on the first try. Finally, after 45 minutes of getting stuck with needles, the IV was in and the anesthesiologist was able to administer drugs and put Mason to sleep. Tim and I stepped out for the procedure because we did not want to watch. The procedure was pretty quick and we were able to come back into the room and wait for Mason to wake up.

M bone marrow sleep

Shortly after, Mason woke up and we were able to give him a bottle and take him home. We were told we’d hear from the doctor by Monday afternoon with results of the bone marrow test as well as the blood test that they did while he was under.

To our surprise, we got a call from Mason’s cardiologist on Monday. He said he had talked to the surgeon and although the surgeon would love for Mason to get bigger, he feels confident that he can repair Mason’s heart at this point. He also said he’d rather do the surgery in the next month or two before we hit the nastiness of cold and flu season. So, the cardiologist said the hospital would be calling us this week to schedule the surgery. Although the thought of Mason undergoing open heart surgery scares us to death, we were so relieved to hear that it was finally going to happen and very soon we’d be on the other side of it.

Then, a few hours later, the hematologist called with results of Mason’s bone marrow and blood test. The good news is that the cause of Mason’s low platelets is NOT Leukemia! What an answer to prayer! The tests did show that Mason doesn’t have very many of the cells that produce platelets. The hematologist couldn’t tell us why he doesn’t have many of these cells. She told us that it could be caused by a genetic disorder and that we need to do a blood test to find out if that is the cause. So, tomorrow, we go back in for more testing. The unfortunate part about this test is that it takes 6-8 weeks to get the results back. I asked the hematologist what that meant as far as Mason’s surgery goes, and she said it would be in his best interest to wait on surgery until we know for sure what is causing Mason’s body to not produce many platelets.

So, we are back to square one with no answers as to what is causing his platelets to be so low and no date on surgery. Though I am so grateful that the cause is not Leukemia, I am frustrated to still not know what the cause is and for poor Mason to have to undergo more testing. I am also grateful that waiting longer for surgery means that Mason can grow bigger and stronger, but I am anxious for Mason’s heart to be healed.

All that I can do is submit this to the Lord and wait upon his perfect timing. I know that He is ultimately in control, not myself, not the doctors, only God. His ways are higher than mine (Isaiah 55:8-9) and His plan has always been better than my own.

Thank you again to everyone who has asked about Mason, prayed for him, offered to help in any way, thought about him, etc. We so appreciate everyone’s outpouring of support!

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